Cal Ben Pure Soap Company LLC.

Natural products , sustainable, eco friendly and equitable soap company

In 2023 after 3 generations of family ownership Cal Ben Soap Company was sold to a new family who has been buying our products for over 20 years. As you can see the transition has gone smoothly and we want to assure you that our mission is to continue the wonderful work started by the Schachter Family. We are committed to our loyal customers and understand how important consistency is to so many customers who suffer from skin conditions. So rest assured that the only changes that will occur here at Cal Ben Soap Company will be changes to improve on this already wonderful establishment that has survived the big box companies for over 77 years. We hope that you will stay committed to us the way that we are to you and look forward to another 77 years of being a successful small family owned business

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Cal Ben Pure Soap Company LLC.

Fair Trade

Cal Ben Pure Soap Company LLC.

Cruelty Free

Cal Ben Pure Soap Company LLC.

Natural Ingredients

Roots in Natural Skincare

Cal Ben Soap Company has been manufacturing pure soap products since before it was the RIGHT thing to do. We were founded in 1947 by Martin Schachter and his father Ben.

During his time in the military Marty learned that we were using petroleum by-products to manufacture soap products and he knew that sticking to good old fashion soap was the way to go. So he and his father set out to do just that.

Buying natural ingredients was far more expensive than the petroleum by-products and chemicals that big box companies were using but by selling bulk he could get natural products to the consumer at an affordable price.

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Thank you for your interest in Cal Ben Pure Soap. We hope that as you review the Information enclosed you will find something that peeks your interest and give our products a try. For your convenience we have listed some other options for you to further research our products without our bias opinion on just how GREAT our products are. Hope this list helps you make the right choice for you and your family.