Our Story

Buying natural ingredients was far more expensive than the petroleum by-products and chemicals that big box companies were using but by selling bulk he could get natural products to the consumer at an affordable price.

It took many years of selling to hospitals, laundromats, and car washes before Marty came across the water industry. Conditioned water and pure soap was a match made in heaven and that’s how we made it into the consumer home.

All across the country people were being introduced to Cal Ben Pure Soap, and the world’s best kept secret. It was and still remains far too expensive for small companies to make it onto the grocery store shelves, so we rely on word of mouth and now the internet to spread the word.

Fair Trade

Cruelty Free

Natural Ingredients


Cal Ben Soap Company is a small family owned business established in 1947. In 2023 after keeping the company alive through the covid epidemic the 3rd and last generation was ready to retire. At this time they were approached by a long time customer from another FAMILY about buying the company and they thought who better than a long time customer who cares about the integrity of our products to take over. Our family understands that so many of our customers have skin sensitivities and are dedicated to keeping the original formula of all our current products. We have worked very hard to find the old suppliers who were bought out by larger companies to supply the original raw materials. In addition, we will be introducing new products along the natural line of products for different needs. Please rest assured that everything you loved about Cal Ben Pure Soap will remain the same. We only seek to improve upon this one of a kind company.